Less time with charts.
More connected patients.

Hona summarizes healthcare history so you can focus more on your patients and less on their charts.

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Hona AI
Hona AI
Hona AI
Hona AI
Hona AI
Your patient’s entire history summarized.

Hona fetches patient history, highlights the data you care about, and condenses it into an intelligent card that’s ready in minutes.

Hona AI

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Hona AI
Hona AI
Possible increase in time saved when answering clinical questions using AI to retrieve patient records.
How it works
Tell Hona what you need to know about your patient.

Use our starter templates or share custom templates across your organization for quick and consistent analyses. Simply give a title and description for each section in your template and our AI will automatically fill it out with the patient's information.

Hona AI

Integrate in Five Weeks

Hona uses FHIR standards for quick and easy integration.
Hona AI
Week 1

You'll sit down with our team for 30 minutes so that we can understand more about how you’re looking to improve your workflow.

Hona AI
Week 2–4
Build Out

Our team will work with your EHR champion and vendors to integrate summaries into your workflow.

Hona AI
Week 5

We'll partially integrate with some members of the practice to test and gain feedback before deploying to the entire practice.


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